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Southern VA Academy League Fall 2019 Schedule

Southern VA Academy League Schedules*

Below you will find our schedule for the Fall 2019 Southern VA Academy League. The address for Dan Daniel Memorial Park and Blairs Middle School is below.

Week 1-SRSC 9/7/19 Home      Away      Field 
11 AMPYA U8 - Neymar     Halifax U8     SRSC 1A
11 AMPYA U8 - Mbappe      Danville U8      SRSC 1C
12:30 PMPYA U10 - Messi     Halifax U10     SRSC 3A 
1:45 PMPYA U10 - Ronaldo     Danville U10 Green      SRSC 3A 
3 PMPYA U10 - Messi     Danville U10 Black     SRSC 3A
Week 2-DDMP 9/14/19  
10 AMHalifax U8      PYA U8 - Mbappe      DDMP U8
11 AMDanville U8      Southside U8      DDMP U8
10 AMDanville U10 Black     PYA U10 Ronaldo     DDMP U10
11:15 AMSouthside U10      PYA U10 Messi      DDMP U10
12:30 PMDanville U10 Green      Halifax U10      DDMP U10
Week 3-SRSC 9/21/19   
11 AMPYA U8 - Neymar     Danville U8     SRSC 1A
11 AMPYA U8 - Mbappe     Southside U8     SRSC 1C
12:30 PM Halifax U10     Danville U10 Black     SRSC 3A 
1:45 PMSouthside U10     Danville U10 Green      SRSC 3A 
3 PMPYA U10 Ronaldo     PYA U10 Messi      SRSC 3A 
Week 4-DDMP 9/28/19   
10 AMDanville U8     Halifax U8     DDMP U8
11 AMSouthside U8     PYA U8 - Neymar      DDMP U8
10 AM
PYA U10 Ronaldo     Southside U10     DDMP U10
11:15 AMPYA U10 Messi     Halifax U10      DDMP U10
12:30 PMDanville U10 Green     Danville U10 Black      DDMP U10 
Week 5-SRSC 10/5/19   
11 AMHalifax U8     Southside U8      SRSC 1A
11 AMPYA U8 - Neymar     PYA U8 - Mbappe     SRSC 1C 
12:30 PMSouthside U10     PYA U10 Messi     SRSC 3A
1:45 PMHalifax U10      PYA U10 Ronaldo     SRSC 3A
Week 6-DDMP 10/12/19   
10 AMDanville U8      PYA U8 - Mbappe     DDMP U8 
11 AMSouthside U8     PYA U8 - Neymar     DDMP U8 
12 PMDanville U8      Halifax U8     DDMP U8 
10 AMSouthside U10      Halifax U10      DDMP U10
11:15 AMDanville U10 Black      PYA U10 Messi     DDMP U10 
12:30 PMDanville U10 Green      PYA U10 Ronaldo      DDMP U10 
Week 7-BMS 10/19/19   
10 AMSouthside U8      Danville U8     BMS U8 
11 AMHalifax U8     PYA U8 - Neymar      BMS U8
12 PMSouthside U8     PYA U8 - Mbappe     BMS U8
10 AMSouthside U10     Danville U10 Black      BMS U10 
11:15 AMPYA U10 Messi      Danville U10 Green      BMS U10 
12:30 PMHalifax U10      PYA U10 Ronaldo      BMS U10 

Dan Daniel Memorial Park
302 River Park Drive 
Danville, VA 24540

Southside Soccer Club
200 Blairs Middle School Circle
Blairs, VA 24527

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