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U8 Recreation Rules

U8 Recreation Rules

-6v6. 5 field players, with a goalkeeper. Minimum of 5v5 to start and finish the game.

-Size 3 soccer ball tightly inflated - Home team provides ball.

Game Length:
-4 quarters of 10 minutes - 3 minute break between quarters

-1 referee will be provided. All calls briefly explained to offending player.

-Substitutes need to report to the half line before recognized to be subbed. No subbing from the bench. (Each player should play at least two quarters)

- Shin guards are required. Socks are over top the shin guards. Cleats required.
-Jewelry not permitted.

-Coaches will play a minimum of 2 goalkeepers per game. No goalkeeper can exceed 20 minutes of play in U8.
-Goalkeepers are not allowed to punt the ball and must be encouraged to roll (bowl) or pass (feet) the ball out.

Age Specific Rules:
-Throw ins are taken.
-No offside calls made.
-Corner kicks are taken.
-Any fouls called, other than the heading rule, will result in a direct free kick.
-Teams switch sides after the 2nd quarter break.
-No heading in this age group. Heading in this age group will result in an indirect free kick.
-On a goal kick, the opposing team must retreat behind the half line. They can move back into their offensive half once the ball is kicked and touched by another player on the other team.

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