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SOVAS League Rules

Southern VA Academy League Rules


-Offside law called for U10. None for U8, unless it's obvious.

-Penalty Kicks are awarded for U10. None for U8.

-Drop back rule is in effect to encourage teams to play out of the back from goal kicks.

-No punts in either age group. All balls distributed by the goalkeeper must be rolled out or passed out.

-Opposing players can’t cross the half line until the ball is touched by another player other than the goalkeeper.

-Corner kicks for all age groups.

-NO Scores kept- this is strictly for development.

-After 7 goals, the team winning must make 7 passes to score a goal. If they get an 8th goal, they’ll need to make 8 passes to score a goal, etc.

-Encouragement at all times by parents and coaches.

-All players must play.

-Good Sportsmanship displayed at all times.

-Coaches encouraged to play players in all positions.

-Retake on foul throws for U8s.

-Four 10 quarters for U8s. 2 minute breaks between quarters, and a 5 minute halftime break.

-Two 25 minute halves for U10s with a 10 minute break.

-6v6 for U8, 7v7 for U10

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